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Mitas Cycling Tyres

Mitas Bicycle Product Range


Scylla TD

  • Suitable for medium-heavy terrain with a harder surface

  • Ideal choice for Cross Country tracks

  • New 3rd generation


Kratos TD/TDI

  • Right choice for a rough, hard-packed terrain

  • Highly efficient tire for Enduro and rocky XC tracks

  • Textra technology


Zefryros TDI

  • Innovated version of Zefyros Top Design

  • Developed for faster riding in easy rigid terrain

  • Textra technology



  • Developed for dry and hard-packed terrains​

Mitas Tubeless Sealant

Tubeless sealant_edited.png

Mitas Tubeless Sealant is compatible with tubeless-ready bicycle tyres. It’s perfect for Downhill, Enduro and Road cycling.

✔ Fast sealing liquid sealant, a stable, synthetic, non-corrosive, latex-based sealant for Tubeless Supra bicycle tyres with foam additives for ensuring proper function and puncture protection of tyres. Suitable also for bicycle tyres of tubeless or tubeless-ready construction.

‼ Not only will sealant help the tyre remain inflated and on the rim in the first place, but it will also plug in any holes caused by pinches or sharp debris. There is also an increased safety element to a properly maintained tubeless setup.

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