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Whichever the reason to own a motorcycle may be, whether as a means of transport or for the love for riding, WE will have the tyres best suited for your machine.


Banama Corporation is the sole distributor of Mitas 2 Wheeler tyres for Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei. Our 2 wheeler tyres are endorsed by a number of motorcycle enthusiasts from various disciplines. In addition, also distribute Mitas branded Go Kart tyres.

We also distribute CL Brakes, offering brake pads for motorcycles, combining high-level braking performances, durability and respect of the brake disc.


Mitas Moto Tyres

A European tyre manufacturer established since 1920 from the Czech Republic with manufacturing facilities in Czech Republic & Slovenia. Mitas offers a wide range of tyres and tubes, each one made with care and developed with the latest technologies to allow you to enjoy your ultimate motorcycling adventures.

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CL Brakes

Whether you ride on the road, on the track or in the dirt, equip your caliper with CL Brakes' motorcycle brake pads ! We developed for each segment of the motorcycle market (road, sport, urban and off-road) a dedicated product whose technical characteristics always aim at offering brake pads combining high level braking performances, durability and respect of the brake disc.

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